Tingting Wang Selected Works

(China , 1986 - )
Tingting Wang
Born in China in 1986 in Kunming, in the province of Yunnan. Dreaming of seeing the world, she left her hometown to finish her studies in Shanghai. The year after she decided to discover a different world, a foreign one. That's why she arrived in Montpellier to obtain a license in ethnology. Nevertheless photography turns out to be an essential tool for field studies. That's the reason why she joined the EFET school in Paris and became graduated in June 2013. She discovered over time that photography was a meaning of expression which enables her to cummunicate her feelings, even the slightest ones. Photography became essential for her.
Her very first collective exhibition was entitled "Echoes of China" in the Impressions gallery. She exhibits then in Arles for the collective exhibition "Black or White". She got in November 2013 the Picto de la Jeune Photographie de mode award (award for fashion photography). Tingting Wang lives and works in Paris.
Italian home magazine 'INTERNI', October 2014

Italian home magazine 'INTERNI', October 2014