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HeaderImage PNC 447-517, 2017, print from the negative, size 48 x 56 cm.



Baghir, Variations 2.18


This new and ever more dreamlike series takes its place in the continuum of Baghir's oeuvre. For years, the photographer has explored the possibilities 35 mm film, experimenting with self-designed filters, seeking highly particular conditions for exposure and light.
His photographs follow in the pictorialist tradition started at the end of the 19th Century (Robert Demachy, Alvin Coburn, Edward Steichen), who strove to highlight their vision of the subject and transform the real with various methods such as blur effects, chiaroscuro, and sophisticated printing techniques. Their ambition was to break with an industrial vision of photography in favor of their artistic sensibilities. Albert Steiglitz (1864-1946), who established himself as the leader of this movement, brought this new photography to the forefront through his magazine "Camera Works" and by organizing the first museum exhibitions in New York.
In Variations 2.18, Baghir's creative approach evolves as he moves beyond strict adherence to black and white photography and leaves the lonely trees of the plain and the skylines behind to sink into the forest. Baghir observes these natural forms by focusing on "supernatural colors that project themselves onto the retinal screen." When he revisits black and white photography, he plays with the grain of the image and its shades of gray, but the light plays the main role in this new series. Baghir thus offers his personal vision, but faithful to his approach, he lets the viewer decrypt the image and build the story.


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