Patrick Fouque

  • 代表作品

    Portraits de cinéma


  • 人物生平


    France ,

    Born in Paris in the 70s, Patrick Fouque trained his talents in communication, scriptwriting, and photography. He owes his first aesthetic jolts to Claude Sautet and Martin Scorsese, who forged his taste for intensity and density. For several years, he captured those who made artistic or political news behind his lense.

    Becoming the must-see portraitist for the most prestigious names in the magazine press (Paris-Match, The Times, Corriere della Serra), Patrick Fouque has a unique and sensitive eye: of a grain worked closer to the truth, his portraits of movie stars provoke emotion and the unexpected. His goal is to pursue--without concession or artifice--that extra touch of soul which upsets. Under his benevolent and deeply human eye, Benicio del Toro, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford and many others have let us see their invisible side.


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