Carla Marlier wearing a Dior dress, c.1970

Bourdin had a very personal approach to fashion photography and in the end his imprint is unique. Here is a transition period photograph. He is still working in B&W and adheres to pretty classical standards of fashion photography. But some details such as the chair in the back which is not level with the model, the broom on the chair, give a touch of originality to the image. And of course the framing is perfect, as well as the movement of the dress, slightly blurry in the lower part of the image when the upper part is quite sharp. Provenance: The print was given by the Photographer to the model Carla Marlier ca.1970 together with 8 smaller size prints featuring various photo sessions with Guy Bourdin where she is wearing Dior and Lanvin dresses. There is also a self portrait of Guy Bourdin during the session, proving the authenticity.
Carla Marlier wearing a Dior dress, c.1970

13,5 x 10,8 英寸 / 34,3 x 27,5 厘米

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