Frank Zappa, Los Angeles, 1976

“In the early, trial and error days, when I thought I had to use tactics to get the artist to let go, I ended up having some rather uncomfortable experiences. I remember standing 6 feet away from Frank Zappa and asking, “How far are you willing to go?” he looked at me with a hardly hidden sneer and said “anywhere you want to go”. So we hit him in the face with a pie—this was clearly not the way to go—we ended up getting cream in his ear and he was rather tweaked. But being Frank Zappa had committed to life as an adventure he quickly let it go and we ended up working together frequently after that first misstep.”
Frank Zappa, Los Angeles, 1976

22,0 x 28,0 英寸 / 56 x 71 厘米

38,0 x 50,0 英寸 / 96,52 x 127 厘米

44,0 x 63,0 英寸 / 111,76 x 160,02 厘米

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