Keith Richards, Los Angeles, 1972

"We did a big session in a studio where I built a dark set, and we started at midnight. Back then, they would rent all these sorts of big mansions. For this, they had rented one in Bel Air. "They might sound like they're crazy and all over the place, but the truth is the genuine artists that survive are amazingly disciplined and incredibly hardworking. When it came to working, the guys put out 100-percent. And once we started working, they were totally present, totally cooperative. Keith is a good guy to hang with. He's just, 'Hey, grab the bottle of booze, party on.' But he doesn't flake. He's always there."
Keith Richards, Los Angeles, 1972

28,0 x 22,0 英寸 / 71 x 56 厘米

50,0 x 38,0 英寸 / 127 x 96,52 厘米

63,0 x 44,0 英寸 / 160,02 x 111,76 厘米

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