Kathari Deftera (Ash Monday)

#Athens. Let's keep up the urge to try things, like flying kites. This was one of the first initiation rites devised by my grandfather. I was eight. During the weekend, he cut reeds behind the house without telling me why. The following Monday, we were celebrating the end of carnival, the day we call Kathari Deftera (Ash Monday) and my grandfather took me to Tourlida beach, where he gave me my first kite. He built it with his hands and I had to fly it with mine. That was the tradition. On Ash Monday, the heart is as light as a kite. My grandfather was telling me: "Nikolaki, kites are like birds who take the worries and illnesses of winter away with them."
Kathari Deftera (Ash Monday)

10,2 x 10,2 英寸 / 26 x 26 厘米

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