Yves Saint-Laurent, Paris, October 1995

"This image has a history. One night in 2008, I was having dinner at Mathi's in Paris. The owner, Gerard Nanty, told me that Yves Saint-Laurent very much liked this portrait and that he would be happy if I could make a print for him. This was the last studio portrait he ever did and it touched me that he kept the memory as I did. Naturally I sent him a print. A few days later, I received a bunch of white roses with a personal note from him. The following week, I learned about his death. The petals from the white rose were falling on my table like so many tears.”
Yves Saint-Laurent, Paris, October 1995

19,7 x 23,6 英寸 / 50 x 60 厘米

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25,6 x 31,5 英寸 / 65 x 80 厘米

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39,4 x 47,2 英寸 / 100 x 120 厘米

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