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Our new gallery space at Bergamot Arts Center is now open.

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Fall exhibition: Antoine Passerat - Hammam

Opening Thursday, Sept. 24th. Opening hours will be 12pm to 8pm, in order to avoid a crowd. The courtyard on the Jardins Saint-Paul will be open. Lunch, tea, coffee and snacks are available at our neighbours in a lovely pedestrian area.

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Opening of our new gallery space in LA

The opening exhibition in our new gallery space at Bergamot Arts Center, Santa Monica, is focused on celebrating the color blue.

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Shanghai, Haute Couture Glimpse from Paris

For the opening our new gallery space in Shanghai, Galerie XII presents a selection of photographs celebrating the major French Fashion Designers of the past thirty years.

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Paolo Ventura, Carousel, Torino, Italy, Sept. 17 - Dec. 8, 2020

The exhibition presents about 200 pieces among the most suggestive works of the last fifteen years - from various collections, as well as from the artist’s studio - in a mix of languages that includes drawings, models, sets, papier-mâché masks and theatrical costumes: the exhibit stages all the recurring themes of his poetics, among which the theme of the double and fiction.

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Paolo Ventura, Photographs and Drawings, Silvana Editoriale

This book represents the first extensive monograph dedicated to the work of Paolo Ventura (Milan, 1968). Having established himself in the field of artistic photography, Ventura offered a singular and absolutely original interpretation of staged photography, an art form in which photography is the final product of a creative process which, in his case, involves the preparation of scenarios and mannequins: the latter, together with real characters among which the artist himself often appears, are the protagonists of his stories. In these three-dimensional settings Ventura recreates, and then fixes through photography, a mental space that refers to the atmosphere of “magical realism” and to the fairytale flavor of childhood, generating a deliberately surreal contrast with the depth of some topics involved (such as war, abandonment, memory, identity). The volume offers an overall look at the artist’s fifteen years of activity, showcasing twenty-one series from 2005 to the present time, highlighting the evolution of his language which, in addition to photography, is also expressed through drawings. Silvana Editoriale 512 pages, 430 photographs