Alain Trellu Selected Works

(Belgium , )
The designer Alain Trellu dedicates his activities to several domains of visual expression, characterized by his specific view on the world. Far from conventional codes of the academism, he explores territories where he lets his sensible look tame the unnamable. He blends himself in the heart of the mystery of elements, glaring at the indomitable grace of light.
Alain Trellu is like a poet in harmony with natural elements marked with a patience at all times in order to capture the precise moment like a gift of life. His work is poetic, on the verge of the unreal and plays with the hazardous natural distortions of light. Those distortions become a way to compose incredible spectral images.
He catches and sculpts the light in a pictorial way between painting and photograph, shade and light. In his urban journeys, he takes possession of the city and changes the urban landscape into fiction.

« I am continuously trying to take distance from realistic representations to give preference to a more impressionist and poetic approach to the world that surrounds us.
My work sometimes touches the borders of abstraction. It’s a mental panorama that provokes the imaginary, which I love to share with my spectators. I ferret out spaces of incertitude, which give to spirits a free re-appropriation of the world through an intuitive and sensorial journey.
It’s the odd vision, unrestrained to the urban landscape and influenced by the game of mirror which sometimes deforms shapes and brings out invisible angles, which particularly amuses me. »
Alain Trellu