Alexander James Selected Works

(United Kingdom , 1967)
Alexander James
Acclaimed British artist Alexander James's strict analog practice is heavily rooted in an age old artistic tradition of examining the temporality and fragility of life. Constructing complex scenes from natural and handmade objects, James creates ephemeral sculptural installations underwater in vast purified water tanks, documenting them with a single photography before completely destroying them. This entirely unique practice is completed through to darkroom prints without the use of any form of post production. By precisely controlling water, the artist is able to paint his tableaux with richly hued light. This process creates opposing dialogues at one of a celebration of life and mirrored with a tragique Baroque; works that are reminiscent of the 17th century Dutch Masters like Pieter Claesz, van Beyeren and Willem Kalf.
His practice weaves a deviant historical thread between the mechanical reproduction of today's image making and the Flemish Vanitas tradition of painting. For his most recent body of work titled 'Rastvorennaya Pechal' which translates to 'Dissolved Sadness', James relocated his entire studio to Moscow.

Main Exhibitions
04-2014 – 'Rastvorennaya Pechal' Solo Exhibition, Spring 2014, Triumph Gallery - Moscow
08-2013 – 'Grace' listed in the Christie's London photography auction October 15th 2013
04-2013 – 'Intersection' solo exhibition, The Studio (part of the Monsoon Collection) PAM.
05-2012 – 'A beautiful announcement of death' solo exhibition at PA&G Gallery, London.
10-2011 – 'The House Of The Nobleman', London -
06-2011 – ‘Still Even’ Pertwee Anderson & Gold Gallery, London - PA&G
10-2010 – ‘You Are Here’ Flaere Gallery, London
05-2010 – ‘Taxi’ solo exhibition at Ann330 Gallery, LA -
04-2010 – ‘Tokyo Green’ solo exhibition at Conningsby Gallery, London
09-2009 – ‘Space & Time’ solo exhibition London
01-2008 – solo exhibition ‘Working Water’ RCP Gallery, Sydney
09-2006 – solo exhibition ‘Flight' The Boiler House, Shanghai
08-2003 – solo exhibition ‘No Logo’ Maison Bastille, Paris
08-2002 – solo exhibition ‘The Colour Candy’ London
09-2000 – solo exhibition 'Flesh & Foliage' Loft 56, New York
02-1998 – solo exhibition ‘Flight’ London

Main Acquisitions - Museums and collections:

Davis Lisboa Museu (Barcelona Contemporary art museum)
The Monsoon Art Collection (Peter Simon)
DDB Collection
Lend Lease Collection
The Rothschild Group Collection