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    France ,

    Freelance photographer and journalist from 1968 to 1980, Bruno Ducourant collaborated with several magazines (among them Rock and Folk, Extra and Best), and during those years also worked as graphic designer and photographer on various record sleeves. Having crossed over to advertising and to writing and directing "documentary and entertaining" television, it's his feeling for "frame", for telling stories with their music which decided him to assemble here, "for the record", most of his musical and photographical preferences. From Donovan to Led Zeppelin by way of The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac, the photos listed in this book have been selected from his archives which contain the thousands of pictures he took of the artists. Most of them are previously unpublished


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    0001 | My Generation, only rock and roll ? 1968-1974
    Size: 30x30 cm, 168 pages, more than 200 photos<br> !!!! LIMITED EDITION: 400 COPIES ONLY !!!! -- Only for sale at Galerie Photo12 for 100 €