Jean Hervoche Selected Works

(France , 1936)
Jean Hervoche
Jean Hervoche lives in Brittany near Rennes. Landscape artist, he works in black and white. His practise of photography is classical in the form: an important place is given to the composition, to the light and in general to the aesthetic qualities. In the content, he favors the emotion. He looks for unusual situations, meaningful places, timeless images sometimes on the verge of abstraction. Beyond countries, he tries to create a personal photographic climate by the choice of light and moment.
"This search led me from celtic countries to nordic countries. I feel as a deep necessity the sea, shores, infinite landscapes. Some Icelandic sites bring me back to the origins of the world. I am fascinated by the fugitive lights of those faraway lands. One can glimpse in a few fragile moments of balance their subtle and intense beauty".
He has been to other lands, the American West for the grandeur of the sites and the Indian heritage, Andalusia for the pagan fervor of its Holy Week. Yet Brittany is his main source of inspiration. "I explore tirelessly the chaotic piles of rocks, the desolated moors, the peatlands, the islands and the shores".

Hervoche had his first solo show in 1978 at the Imagerie de Lannion. Encounters with photographers such as Robert Doisneau, Hans Sylvester and Jean Lou Sieff, workshops with Claude Dityvon, Fulvio Roiter, Michel Kempf and Lucien Clergue have helped him shape his style.

Main exhibitions:
"Mondes du Nord", Vannes, Chäteau de l'Hermine.
"Bretagne Paysage", Vitry-sur-Seine, Bibliothèque municipale Nelson Mandela
"Terres celtiques", Médiathèque Hagueneau, Bas-Rhin
"Croix, Paysages", Abbaye de Saint-Jacut De La Mer (Côtes d'Armor)
"Reflets de Bretagne" Exposition collective des collections du Musée de Bretagne
Musée de Bretagne, Les champs libres, Rennes
"Irlande, voyage intimiste", Médiathèque de Saint-Aubin du Cormier
2011 - "Cap au Nord, de la Bretagne au Groenland": Tour Bidouane à Saint-Malo
2010 - "Îles du Nord": Maison de la Bretagne à Paris
2009 - "Paysages de Bretagne et d'ailleurs": Galerie photo12 à Paris
2008 - "La forêt Bretonne dans le cadre de la légende Arthurienne": Les Champs Libres de Rennes Métropole
2008 - "Bretagne, Paysages": Maison de la mer à Cavalaire Sur Mer
2008 - "Tchad": Péniche spectacle à Rennes
2008 - "Paysages": Les Imagiques de Le Mans
2008 - "Bretagne, Paysages": Bibliothèque de Rennes Métropole
2007 - "Lieux du Légendaire de Bretagne": Skrunda en Lettonie
2006 - "Croix, Paysages": FNAC de Rennes
2006 - "Espaces et solitudes": Centre Allende à Saint-Malo
2005 - "Paysages": Festival des photographes voyageurs de Bordeaux
2005 - "Collection du FRAC de Bretagne": Domaine de Kerguéhennec (56)
2005 - "Bretagne, terre de légendes": Université de Brest
2004 - "Paysages": L'Imagerie à Lannion
2003 - "Paysages": Le Carré d'art Pôle Sud à Chartres de Bretagne
2002 - Galerie Vallès. Paris 11 ème
1995 - "La Bretagne de Chateaubriand": Festival Etonnants- Voyageurs à Saint-Malo
1995 - "Paysages": FNAC de Rennes