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    Telephone 1980


    Goldsmith is primarily known for her images of Rock stars such as Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Patti Smith and Bob Dylan.
    In 1980 the manager of the French group Telephone asked her to shoot them for the cover of their Album "Au coeur de la nuit'. The shots were mainly made in Goldmsith's studio in New York.
    Four years later, she followed them on tour and made another series of images.

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    USA , 1948

    Lynn Goldsmith's imagery is in numerous collections: The Smithsonian, The Polaroid 
Collection, The Kodak Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, The Chicago Museum of 
Contemporary Photography, and the permanent collection of Museum Folkwang. She is a 
multi-awarded portrait photographer whose work has appeared on and between the covers of Life, Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, People, Elle, Interview, The New Yorker, etc. 
Her subjects have varied from entertainment personalities to sports stars, from film directors to 
authors, from the extra-ordinary to the ordinary man on the street. Her forty years of photography 
have not only been an investigation into the nature of the human spirit, but also into the 
natural wonders of our planet.

    Twelve books of her photography have been published. She has been on The New York Times Best Seller list as well as won two Art Direction awards for them: Titles include Rock and Roll Stories, The Police: 1978-1983, Bruce Springsteen- Access All Areas, 
The Police, New Kids, Circus Dreams, PhotoDiary, and 
Flower. Lynn's professional achievements are in no way limited to the world of 
photography. She is the youngest member ever to be accepted into the DGA (Director's 
Guild of America). In 1971, she was the director of Joshua Television, the first company 
to do video magnification for rock groups entertaining at large venues. In 1972, she was 
a director for the first rock show on network television: ABC's "In Concert". In 1973, Lynn 
directed "We're An American Band", the first music documentary to be released as a 
theatrical short. In the mid-seventies, Lynn stopped directing to concentrate 
fully on photography. 

She has been a consistent contributor to the highly acclaimed series of Day in the Life 
of books series as well as many other photography collections.

    By the early 80's Lynn departed from the worlds of both photography and film, to 
become the first ‘optic-music’ artist. Using the a.k.a. Will Powers, she produced the album 
"Dancing For Mental Health" on Island Records. Lynn’s written songs with recording 
artists Sting, Steve Winwood, Todd Rundgren and Nile Rodgers. Her debut 
album won critical acclaim and her single, Kissing With Confidence, reached #3 on the 
British charts. As was her plan, the videos from the album which she produced and 
directed became more than commercials for the record. They were used by the 
United States Department of Labor to inspire unemployed youths, and by the National 
Marriage Counsel in England. Will Powers' videos have also been used by Harvard 
University to help with language instruction, and by other schools throughout the United 
States for their individual teaching needs. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City 
has two Will Powers videos in their permanent collection as she was among the first to do 3-dimensional computer animation.

    Though a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Michigan, with a B.A. in 
both English and Psychology, Lynn considers herself a self-taught artist and 
entrepreneur. She was the founder of LGI Photo Agency, an organization which 
represented the work of over two hundred worldwide photographers. Established in 
1976, LGI was the first agency to specialize in servicing celebrity portraiture for 
editorial usage. LGI was sold in 1997 so that Lynn could more fully focus on creating images. 

    The wide range of Lynn's talents, skills and achievements are products of a belief she 
holds constant: Creativity is based on breaking limiting thought patterns
, thus making anything possible.

    2015 - Mouche Gallery "Loupe de Loupe" March 26th - May 1st 2015
    2015 - Morrison Hotel Gallery NYC "Streets of NYC" April 16th - May 30th 2015
    2014 - Mouche Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
    2013 - San Francisco Art Exchange, San Fransico, CA
    2013 - Morrison Hotel Gallery, NYC, NY
    2012 - Proud Chelsea Gallery, London, UK
    2011 - San Francisco Art Exchange, San Francisco, CA
    2011 - Morrison Hotel Gallery, NYC, NY
    2011 - Galerie Zuger, Vail, CO
    2010 - Singleton-Bliss Museum of Fine Art, Sante Fe, NM
    2010 - Hallmark Museum of Contempory Photography, Turner Falls, MA
    2010 - Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, NY
    2010 - Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Ft. Collins, CO
    2010 - A Gallery for Fine Art, New Orleans, LA
    2010 - Morrison Hotel Gallery La Jolla CA
    2009 - Jenkins Johnson - New York, NY
    2008 - Hallmark Museum of Contempory Photography, Turner Falls, MA
    2008 - Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, NY
    2008 - Masters Gallery, Denver, CO
    2007 - Holden Luntz Palm Beach Contemporary Art Fair, FL
    2007 - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Cleveland, OH
    2007 - Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    2007 - Contessa Gallery, Cleveland, OH
    2007 - Frank Picture Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    2006 - Morrison Hotel Gallery La Jolla CA
    2006 - Morrison Hotel Gallery - New York, NY
    2005 - Masters Gallery, Denver, CO
    2003 - David Floria Gallery, Aspen, CO
    2002 - Barbara Gillman Gallery, Miami, FL
    2002 - Photo Forum Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
    2001 - Celebrites Gallery, Lahaina, HI
    2000 - Foto Real, Austin, TX
    1998 - Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, FL
    1996 - The VH-1 Gallery, New York, NY
    1995 - ICP, The International Center of Photography, NY, NY
    1995 - The Govinda Gallery, Washington, DC
    1994 - Acanthus Gallery, Saugerties, NY


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