Clark & Pougnaud

1963 , France
Couleur chair, 2016
The Secret, 2015
The works comprising The Secret are thought of like theater stages on which the curtain has just withdrawn. The unreal and mysterious places have more to do with evocation than representation.
Through this new series, the artists invite the public to imagine and project themselves into the invisible: the back of each photograph is hiding a second, intimate one, carrying a secret. A "secret" kept between the artists and models which will only appear and be revealed to the eyes of the collector.

Mood Indigo, 2014
The title 'Mood Indigo' has been taken from a song by Duke Ellington and it evokes the sweetness of an imaginary Orient.
Lost in Meditation, 2009
This series offers a very personal re-interpretation of paintings by the Danish painter Wilhelm Hammershoi at the turn of the century. Considered a master of Danish painting, he builds, in a limited palette, a universe of interiority and silence. A woman alone, with her back to you, is often at the centre of his interior paintings. This is a work of art that perfectly expresses our idea of the culture of North European countries at that time. Solitude, rigour, sadness, meditation, cold beauty and austerity, the universe we find in the plays of Ibsen or the music of Sibelius.
Tribute to Edward Hopper, 2000-2005
"Our work together started with that series of photographs. We loved Hopper’s paintings and we based our works on them. We were not trying to to identically reproduce Hopper’s paintings, we only wanted to suggest as accurately as possible the atmosphere and apparent order exuding from the painter’s work."

Une histoire d'amour..., 2012
Immobilis, 2010
Adolescence, 2006
C'est la vie, 2004
Les Contes de fées, 2003-2005
Intimité, 2004
L'Amour et le voyage, 2002
Les bourgeoises d'Angoulême, 2001
Enfance, 2000
La balade de Dorothy, 2000