Nicolas Baghir

1974 , France
Digital Perturbances
These images are digital only in name. In fact, Baghir shoots using traditional B&W film and prints with a photographic enlarger on silver gelatin paper. The photographer visualizes his subjects in advance, using his camera and self-designed filters to record the envisioned image as a photograph that is then enlarged without being retouched. An homage to painting as well as black-and-white photography, his works are a study of pictorial beauty, with a subdued, painterly quality that exists in a tangible space outside of direct photographic representation and the fantastic elements of painting. This series was realized over the course of four years in which Baghir took over 15,000 photographs. Each photograph is titled numerically as a means of preserving the imaginative breadth of the image.

Color Digital Perturbances
Photographs on 35 mm film