Wrangler, 2011

"This gentleman is a wrangler – he handles horses used in the production, drives a team and buggy in the film and is, generally, available to do whatever is needed with regard to the horses. He’s a man who is at home on a horse and sitting there in the fog, on his own horse, it couldn’t be more apparent. I took the picture and made a print for him. He was so happy and grateful, he offered to pay me or the print and I told him no, I just wanted him to have it. He walked away holding it like a newborn – fragile and dear. Later he came to tell me he’d had a conversation with his wife and he told her that when he died, since he wasn’t going to have an open casket funeral, he wanted that print to be on top of his coffin. I was deeply affected…..never had such a meaningful reaction to a print."
Wrangler, 2011
Archival pigment ink made by the Photographer on Fine Art paper. Captioned, signed, numbered on front. Embossed. Size: paper size.
11,0 x 16,9 in / 28 x 43 cm
edition of 18
13,0 x 18,9 in / 33 x 48 cm
edition of 15