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    France , 1939

    Born in Paris in 1939, André Carrara was a teenager when he came into contact with photography for the first time. As he accompanied his sister to the photographic laboratory where she was employed, he was given a camera and made his first shots in Paris. These first experiences fascinated him and decided on his future: he would be a photographer. At first an apprentice in different laboratories where he learned about development and printing while attending evening classes at the Louis Lumière School, he was hired as an assistant at the age of 20 by the advertising agency SNIP, a true hive of activity where photographers, designers and graphic designers worked in close collaboration. That was when he really discovered photography, frequenting Willy Rizzo, Fouli Elia, Guy Bourdin or Jean-Bernard Naudin. He learned the trade and rounded off his training with the latter. In 1963, he made his first photo session for the agency, a very recognized advertising campaign for Lacoste.

    Throughought his carreer he worked for prestigious magazines suche as Vogue, Elle, Mademoiselle, Glamour, etc. In the 1990s, on the request of Anna Wintour, André Carrara worked regularly for the American magazine Allure and other great reviews. However, the years 1980-2000 were above all the days of Marie-Claire and Marie-Claire bis for which he made, in collaboration with Walter Rospert and then Fred Rawiler as art directors, his most beautiful subjects and most beautiful photos.


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    2014 | PhotoLA 2014 | Los Angeles