Norman Seeff

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    In the years 1970-1980, Norman Seeff inaugurated his creative sessions with artists and celebrities. His photographs of musicians and actors were often regarded as the defining images of artists at the height of their career. In the past months, Seeff has been revisiting his archive. These iconic images are now available for the first time as art prints.


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    South Africa , 1939 -

    When Norman Seeff, a young South-African doctor, arrived in NY city in the late 60's, he didn't know anybody but wished to change his job to take part a creative field. He began to photograph people on the street. He heard of a downtown club named Max's Kansas City. «Andy Warhol and all his friends went there so I went too. I found all these people really interesting and told them "Hey, come over". Robert (Mappelthorpe) wasn't a photographer yet. Patti lived in Chelsea Hotel with her friend, she was just a beautiful androgynous woman». There, he also met the famous artistic director Bob Cato, who introduced him to the world of professional photography.
    Afterwards, Seeff settled down in Los Angeles where he bacame the artistic director of United Artists Records. Today he has a studio in Burbank.
    Seeff’s concept is to speak with his subjects, to communicate with them. This particular approach -which includes making videos during his photography sessions- distinguishes his work. A sense of high authenticity and strong emotion flow from his photographs.

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