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    France , 1924 - 1998

    Pierre Boulat was born in Condé-Sainte-Libiaire, France, in 1924. His interest in photography took him to Paris in 1940, where he enrolled at the French National School of Photography and Film. When Hitler’s army descended on Paris, Boulat was forced to flee to the French Free Zone, and ultimately to Vichy, where he worked for the French Photographic Service, the SCP.
    After the war, Pierre Boulat began work with the French press, covering celebrities, crimes and current events. These stories took him all over the world. He spent several months in the United States on assignment and his fascination with the Middle East took him to Cairo, where he published Images d’Eqypte. By 1948, he was back in Paris opening his own fashion photography studio and working for both the French and American press. One of his many shoots included the feature story, L’Enfance Perdue, for Look Magazine, for which he received the Encyclopedia Britannia Prize. At age 28, Boulat began his career with Life Magazine when they published his photograph of a tornado hovering over Paris. This 1953 photo would mark the beginning of a collaboration that would span more than two decades and cover such diverse photo stories as the Algerian War, a study of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, and the background photography taken in the Namibian Desert for Stanley Kubrick’s, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” After Life closed its doors, Boulat free-lanced for several French and foreign magazines until 1982 when he began a ten-year association with Paris Match.

    PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS Le débarquement sur les plages de Normandie – Galerie Olympus, Paris 1984 La Révolution française – Galerie Canon, Paris 1989 Mes Années Life – Visa pour l’Image – Perpginan, 1992 – Mes Années Life – Galerie Arrêt sur l’Image, Bordeaux 1993 Mes Années Life – Librairie La Chambre claire, Paris 1993 Mes Années Life – FNAC, Lyon 1994 Femmes – Espace Chenel, Montrouge 1993 Perpignan c’est ça – Visa pour L’image 1993 Moments Donnés – Visa pour L’Image, Perpignan 1998 Moments Donnés – Les Archives Nationales, Paris 1998 Yves Saint Laurent – FNAC, Paris 2002 Rétrospective Pierre Boulat – Le mois de la Photo, Moscou 2010 Pierre Boulat photo-reporter – Petit Palais, Paris 2011 Pierre Boulat photo-reporter – Dali, Chine 2012 Pierre Boulat photo-reporter – Base sous-marine, Bordeaux 2012
    BOOKS Images d’Egypte – 1948 Paris – Editions Time Life Le Sahara – 1975 – editions Time Life Yves Saint Laurent au MOMA – 1984 Mes Années Life – 1992 Bonne Nuit Pierre – 1996


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