Established in 2005 by Valérie-Anne Giscard d’Estaing, Photo12 Galerie specializes in 20th century and contemporary photography. The gallery is distinguished by its commitment to promoting ideas and discourse through images and their multifaceted paths to creation. It also encourages an exploration of photography, film, and video that opens up a vast range of possibilities through different mediums linked to the image including conceptual work and video art, documentary series, iconic lifestyle and fashion photography, and cinema and theatre.


The gallery organizes regular exhibitions at its main space in Paris, shows its artists in cooperation with institutions, galleries and private collectors around the world, and participates in multiple international art fairs each year including Photo Shanghai, Art Élysées, and Photo L.A. Located in Le Marais, Paris, France.

The Gallery is member of the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d'Art


In 2012, Valerie-Anne Giscard d'Estaing established Fine Photographs LLC in Santa Monica, California in order to represent and show  Photo12 Galerie’s photographers in the United States while opening a window to new perspectives across the Pacific in Asia (China and Korea). She acts as an Art Advisor, Art Dealer, and Curator. In 2017, Photo12 Galerie opened a third location in the Former French Concession area of Shanghai, China.


We sell Art Prints, editioned and signed by the Artist. However, we also work with interior designers and can provide open edition prints at attractive prices. Do not hesitate to contact us.


There is no frame than can be used for all works. We do not offer standard framing. We do work with a number of framing companies and can offer advice on the frame that would best fit the print you wish to acquire.


Please bear in mind that most of the prints we offer are considered as Works of Art by Tax authorities. In most countries, acquisitions can be deducted from revenues.
We will provide the relevant information depending on your country.


We have a few mounted exhibitions that can travel. Please contact us for more information.


Over the past few years, photographs have entered museums and some prints have now reached considerable prices.
Nevertheless, contrarily to paintings, photographs are not unique since it is possible to make several prints from the same negative. The price of a photo will therefore be in function of the quality and the rarity of it. And of course, in function of the picture itself, what it represents. Here is some information about the prints we sell.
Original print
It is a print made from the original negative by the photographer or under his supervision. These are prints that do have value on the market. Such prints are stamped and signed by the Photographer. In the case of limited editions, each print is numbered by the Photographer.
Limited edition
The photographer commits himself not to make more prints than previously agreed. Prints are numbered. Near the end of a limited edition, the prints get rarer thus more expensive. The Photographer and the Galerie guarantee that no more prints will be made.
Artists prints
Prints made by the artist, not numbered. The number of these prints is limited as well, usually to two. They are reserved for the Artist and his family or close friends. Once the edition is sold out, the Photographer may put his Artist Prints on the market.
Vintage or contemporary prints
Print contemporary of the photographic session, made or not by the artist. The term vintage applies mostly for prints from 1920 to 1970.
Exhibition print
The print was made for an exhibition.
Paper – process
Each Photographer has his own views and practices in terms of prints. The technique used is specified below each image.
The most popular are:
•Silver gelatin. This is the traditional way to print B&W photographs.
C-print (or chromogenic print) is made on negative-type color photographic paper.
Inkjet / Giclée / Digigraphie/Archival pigment ink
Those new printing techniques appeared in the 1990s. Some artists favor them. The technical quality of prints is excellent and duration has been certified by independent Labs.