Wenda Parkinson, South Africa, May 1951

Wenda Parkinson British Vogue, May 1951, page 84 ‘Vogue’s Eye View of South Africa’ ‘A Zulu War Dance – not now a prelude to battle but a natural expression of their passion for rhythm and movement. The Zulus dance without drums, their only music an incessant chant by the dancers, the rhythm of their feet magnified by the steady stamping of their onlookers. The visitor wears a cashmere coat by Aquascutum and a Basuto reed hat’ Later silver gelatin contact prints, circa 1980s The first image was the published frame. Mention in red on the image.
Wenda Parkinson, South Africa, May 1951

3,0 x 4,1 in / 7,5 x 10,5 cm

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