John Belushi, Los Angeles, 1981

"John arrived for a shoot with his wife Judy. They danced together and kissed and I remember being amazed at how well she managed his outrageous sense of humor. They were really having a ball. In a strange way, John reminded me of one of my best friends at school and as crazy as he was, I saw into him. Beneath the turmoil was a private vulnerability and sensitivity that touched me."
John Belushi, Los Angeles, 1981
Archival pigment ink on Fine Art MOAB Entrada rag natural. Printed for the original negative in Seeff's studio in Burbank. Signed and numbered on front.

22,0 x 28,0 in / 56 x 71 cm

38,0 x 50,0 in / 96,52 x 127 cm

44,0 x 63,0 in / 111,76 x 160,02 cm

Edition limited to 50 prints + 5 AP

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