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    François Laxalt is inspired by the legend of Senbazuru, a giant origami composed of a thousand paper cranes associated on a thread. The story tells that the one who makes a Senbazuru can make a wish that will be granted by the gods. The French photographer has made his own Senbazuru via 36 photographs, in homage
    to the young Sadako Sasaki, famous in Japan for not being able to finish hers before dying.


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    France ,

    François Laxalt lives and works in Paris.
    He began exhibiting his photographs in 2008 and won the Iris Centre Coup de Coeur Award in 2010. Since then he has exhibited his series in various photo festivals and in group and personal exhibitions at the Hotel de Sauroy, the Little Big Gallery and the Domus Reattu Gallery. His series have been published in various magazines and sites such as FotoMagazin,, Musée Magazine or The Eye of Photography. His photographs have been exhibited in many private collections in Europe and the United States.
    In resonance with his photographic approach, he also creates mobile, fragile sculptures that are based on the idea of a fragile and dreamlike balance between shapes and colors. A motive is like a photograph.

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