Joey Tranchina

  • 代表作品

    Los Angeles in the Sixties

    Printed on baryta paper from original negative

  • 人物生平


    USA , 1943

    Joey Tranchina is a professional American photographer from California, whose documentation of Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City during the 60s and 70s remained buried in stored boxes for nearly 50 years.
    Tranchina’s commercial work included freelance assignments for the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday California Living Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and private commissions.
    The discovery of Joey Tranchina’s photographic archives brings the artist, poet, and activist’s life full circle. Now, Joey Tranchina’s important archive of Beat-era poets, writers, and the multi-disciplinary artists they influenced will be released by renown art book publisher Steidl Verlag in 2024. He currently lives in the South of France.


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