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    Denmark ,

    Jacob Gils in a Danish artist. After a successful career as a commercial photographer, he started to experiment various techniques and decided to dedicate himself to a fine art practice.
    In MOVEMENT, he strives to generate engaging interpretations of iconic structures and landscape sceneries. Fragmented, draped and distorted, the images invite the onlooker to come closer and to discover details that do not readily reveal themselves from a distance.
    At first glance, these multi-point visual puzzles appear out of focus or shaken, but in fact they consist of many different and very sharp photographs of the same motif. They are carefully combined through multiple exposures resulting in a dynamic illusion of being on-the-go.

    Jacob Gils works have been shown in multiple exhibitions in the United States, Canada, China, Korea and throughout Europe. His works have been incorporated in prestigious collections in Denmark (Their Royal Highnesses, King Frederik X and Queen Mary ´s collection at Amalienborg Palace Copenhagen) as well as in China and the USA.


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