Jeremiah Chechik

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    Explorer, 2023-2024

    Blurring the lines between between subjective and objective, between truth and illusion: the work inhabits a median zone that lies between.

    The work explores ways of connecting our human desire to understand and imagine what lies outside our immediate perception.

    By tapping into the aesthetics of nostalgia and connecting that to what appears to be a historical record, our subjective memory imagines worlds outside our own. Worlds that have long disappeared and worlds that are yet to be fully formed.

  • Biography


    USA , 1955

    Born in Montreal, Quebec, Jeremiah Chechik studied theatre and film at Mcgill University.

    Jeremiah Chechik has been an early innovator in laser holography, a fashion photographer for Italian Vogue, as well as an award winning commercials, film and television director and producer. His name is on multiple patents, having pioneered streaming video on the internet.
    Chechik has consulted for Nokia and BMW, lectured at Anneberg School of Communications, USC Film School , UCLA and is on the staff of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.
    His photographic work spans 40 years as he continues to innovate both technically and aesthetically, on paper, glass and aluminum and in digital form.
    He calls Venice CA home.

    Recent Exhibitions:

    ArtexArte - Buenos Aires August 2018 - Neorealismo (group show)
    Museum of Architecture and Design - Buenos Aires Sept 2018 - The Uncanny Valley (solo show)
    Venice Institute of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles - Sept 2018 - Out in The Street (group show)
    BrightMoments - Venice CA 2019 - Paintless (solo show)
    Show Gallery - Los Angeles Nov 2019 - Days Among Stones (solo show)
    LichtundFire Gallery New York - March 2023 group show - Out of Orbit/OuterOrbit
    Yiwei Gallery - Shanghai Photo - April 2023 - 3 Artists
    LichtundFire Gallery New York, Sept 2023 - Wings of Desire (group show)


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