Juana Céspedes

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    Spain , 1959

    Juana Céspedes (Seville, 1959) is a self-taught artist based in Barcelona.

    For 30 years, Juana has honed her skill for water-based techniques like watercolor and ink on canvas, watercolor paper, and rice or Japanese paper.

    Her work has been shown in over 60 exhibitions and awarded by Fundació Vila Casas and Fundació Barcelona Olímpica, among other prestigious institutions. She participates yearly in The Other Art Fair in LA.

    Inspired by dance and music-filled plazas of Barcelona, Juana’s work seeks to capture the flow of urban life and how we fashion our individual identities in a collective.

    Each piece is set in an imaginary place, inviting our minds to wonder and meander, from character to character, stumbling upon previously unnoticed details and life-filled scenes.

    As an outsider to the art world, Juana often describes her journey as one of playful discovery. She always followed her instinct which led her to create colorful and whimsical interpretations of our everyday.

    A calming and delightful view the artist hopes will offer a pause from our fast-moving lives.


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