Quentin Shih

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    In Familiars, Quentin Shih explores the complex relationship each of us has with our memories and the need to confront impactful moments in our past, which may or may not lead to truthful representations. Moody, ethereal and sometimes abstract scenes seek to illuminate universal truths about memory through the resuscitated personal history of a highly skilled and sensitive photographic artist. “I believe that photography is not about creation—it’s a process to evoke memory; to refresh something that already exists in our minds; something that is growing weak and abstract and needs to find expression.”


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    Chine , 1975

    Quentin Shih (a.k.a Shi Xiaofan, b. 1975, Tianjin, China) is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker based in Beijing, China. Since the early 2000’s has held solo exhibitions across China, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States. His works are included in American and European collections including the Danforth Art Museum and the Worcester Art Museum in the U.S., the Christian Dior Collection, Paris, and the Belgium Royal Museum, Brussels.


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