Luc Fournol

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    Brigitte Bardot


    Audrey Hepburn

    Fournol did two photo sessions with Audrey Hepburn in Paris. The first one at the Opera Garnier in 1956 and the second on the river Seine in 1962.

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    France , 1931 - 2007

    During the post-war years, Luc Fournol shot the most famous artists of the time for Art Magazine. Most of them became his friends and he took great pleasure as a collector of their works. The photographer counted Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Bernard Buffet, Pablo Picasso, and Jean Cocteau amongst his contemporaries and subjects. Fournol loved not only painters but artists in general. He made portraits of writers (such as Colette, Henry Miller, Tennesse Williams), musicians, actors, and even Presidents (including Charles De Gaulle and John F. Kennedy).
    "Millions of photographs are taken every second in the world. How can you explain that a very small number of those stand out, regardless of time and personal interest? This is the mystery inherent to this most mysterious of arts. Fournol's portraits are a remarkable testimony to this point".
    Jean-François Revel, foreword for the book "Instants d'années", Editions Denoel, 1997


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