Abyss Blue

  • Exhibition
    "Abyss Blue"
    from Saturday, June 24, 2023 to Thursday, August 31, 2023
    Galerie XII Los Angeles

    Beyond a depth of some sixty feet the colors disappear, only the blue remains. But what blue? From cobalt to Klein blue, from turquoise to Prussian blue, an eternal variation around a single color, giving off an amazing impression of peace. Carole Azuar invites us to accompany her on this journey in a world so close and yet so foreign.

    Only an explorer of the meanderings of the mind, the brain and its secrets, a high-level sportswoman with mastery of the breath and that of the mind, a woman with sensitivity of the depths, a lover of the underwater azure; only this woman-He knows how to share with us with clarity and poetry his vision of the abysses populated by travelers escaped from weightlessness.
    Carole Azuar manages to shed light on the mysteries and dreams of the seas and oceans. Through her images, she invites us to plunge into infinite, liquid and luminous blues, like iodized and colored stained glass windows, both crystalline, translucent and ancestral.
    - Jean-Baptiste Huynh


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