Modern Vibration

  • Exhibition
    "Modern Vibration"
    from Wednesday, December 22, 2021 to Saturday, January 15, 2022
    Galerie XII Shanghai

    Didier Fournet is a contemporary "painter" thanks to photography: he chose pixels instead of brushes and now reveals the beauty of the world by turning landscapes into vibrations.

    His digital Hasselblad offers the possibility to play with the depth of fields and to manage the time. Since his youth, the artist has been inspired by various photographs like Gursky and Lachapelle. He found his style and a personal strategy to overcome the passage of time.

    The "VIBRATIONS" by Didier Fournet are artistic, graphic, colorful and dreamlike representations of a world in perpetual evolution, from its most trivial transformation up to its deeper structural upheaval.

    Originally, a city, a landscape, a place, emblematic or not, which the artist reinvents for a new blossoming world is emerging as a result of a work of abstraction, originating from a contemporary reality never completely erased within each image. Every "Vibration" sends us to the limits of reality and of the virtual.


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