Dans la tête de Nicolas Baghir

  • Exhibition
    "Dans la tête de Nicolas Baghir "
    from Thursday, March 9, 2023 to Thursday, April 20, 2023
    Galerie Catherine Pennec - Clermont Ferrand

    Nicolas Baghir exhibits in the Catherine Pennec Gallery in Clermont Ferrand, from March 9 to April 20, 2023.

    This exhibition brings together several series of the French photographer, namely "Perturbations Numériques", "Passeport Photographiques" and "Perturbations Numériques Couleurs". The title of the exhibition «Dans la tête de Nicolas Baghir» offers visitors a unique experience to discover these "photographic flows" - so named by Nicolas Baghir. The title also joins the artist’s creative space, namely his small workshop called «La Chambre».

    Since July 2018, Nicolas Baghir has found refuge in a workshop of seven square meters on the seventh floor without elevator of a small room with window on courtyard, in the heart of Paris. A small space where the sun’s rays pass only through a small skylight, he uses this natural skylight and develops an original, free work, where all the visual expressions implemented in his work since 2014 join. He likes to talk about «brain extraction» to describe his work that comes from the background of the screen of his retina, which makes it possible to better understand the title chosen for this exhibition «Dans la tête de». He works his images as a blurring of memory and an alteration of memory in order to stop time. He broke his loneliness by inviting subjects that he forged and transformed for imagined photography, between painting and photography.


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