Le Passe-Muraille

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    "Le Passe-Muraille"
    from Saturday, April 15, 2023 to Sunday, May 28, 2023
    Galerie XII Paris

    From April 15 to May 28, 2023, Galerie XII Paris presents the first solo exhibition in Paris by Milanese artist Paolo Ventura for several years. Inspired by the story "The Passe-Muraille" by Marcel Aymé, this new exhibition combining painting and photography, plunges us into the Paris of the 1940s.

    Paolo Ventura is a multidisciplinary artist who uses different techniques (photography, collages, painting, sculpture drawing, scenography) to create, for more than twenty years, works in two and three dimensions. Built around images of «invented worlds» or «unrealities» in which the story unfolds like a dream, between imagination and memory, his profoundly original work is crossed by a disturbing sense of timelessness.

    "The Passe-Muraille" is the story of a very ordinary man, but endowed with extraordinary gift of being able to cross walls, takes place in Montmartre in Paris of the 1940s. This "Passe-Muraille" then embarked on many adventures until the day he loses his gift, thus finding himself forever imprisoned by a wall. Paolo Ventura uses this tale as a pretext to recreate scenes of Parisian life, a romantic and violent history that crosses eras, in the form of works transversal drawings, photographs, paintings, models and sculptures in paper.

    Installation pictures : Aurélien Mole
    Press Agency : Dezarts

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