• Exhibition
    from Saturday, May 18, 2024 to Saturday, June 29, 2024
    Galerie XII Los Angeles

    Born in 1990 in China, Ziqian Liu graduated from the University of Technology
    Sydney in 2015, and began her successful career in photography in 2018. Now
    based out of Shanghai and working exclusively with self-portraiture, she visually
    combines her body, plants, and mirror images, exploring the coexistence between
    humans and nature, as well as the balance between softness and strength within
    the female form.
    All of her work is a self-portrait. In her work, she combines her body, plants, and mirror images, constantly exploring the balanced state of peaceful coexistence between humans and nature. In terms of visual presentation, she is keen to create quiet images with a sense of rigor and order. Her works intentionally rarely show her face because she wants the viewer to imagine that the body in the picture can be anyone. Different viewers will have different perceptions of her works, which is what she finds most interesting and exciting about photography.

    There are two main themes in Ziqian's work. The first theme is about the symbiosis between human beings and nature. To some extent, it can be said that human beings and the rest of the natural world are equal - we live in the same world, breathing the same air, mutual tolerance. In her work she tries to find a state of harmony between humans and nature, full of peace and emotion, because, in this state of symbiosis, beauty will be most embodied.


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