Editions spéciales - Moulin du Vergé

  • Exhibition
    "Editions spéciales - Moulin du Vergé"
    from Wednesday, April 14, 2021 to Saturday, May 15, 2021
    at the Paris Gallery

    For this series, Clark and Pougnaud wanted to work with several media. In their new region near Angoulême, the artists discovered a mill where the paper is entirely handmade, left to dry in the wind in an attic. The idea of working in collaboration with the craftsmen of a unique skill for this new series seemed obvious. After many tests, Clark and Pougnaud decided to print some photographs on this precious paper Moulin du Vergé, which carries in filigree the mark of its creator. The entire series will be available as pigment prints on Hannemülhe paper.

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    About the prints
    Pigment print on handmade paper Moulin du Verger with the initials of the artists Clark and Pougnaud (CP) in the lower margin.
    Size 30x40cm (depending the sheet of paper)
    Prints signed, titled and numebred in the lower margin
    Edition of 30
    Price including VAT : 250€ (+shipping)


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