Nights in Le Louvre

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    "Nights in Le Louvre"
    from Wednesday, September 12, 2018 to Saturday, October 13, 2018
    Galerie XII Paris

    Sublime nudes emerge from the darkness. Odalisques reveal themselves through ethereal reflections. Daniel Pype invites us on a dreamlike visit to the Louvre by night.
    In 1987, Pype was able to achieve a lifelong dream: spending several nights in the Louvre Museum, alone among the ancient statues and Renaissance paintings. His black-and-white photographs render these unique, unseen moments revealed in darkness. The deep blacks and subtle shades of gray achieved through his use of film give textural vitality to the stone figures.
    Three decades later, in 2017, Pype was again granted permission to visit the Louvre at night. This time he worked in digital. It was not easy to replicate the subtle nuances of 35mm film but the results speak for themselves.
    The exhibition “Nights in the Louvre" thus presents both bodies of work together for the first time, displaying the evolution of a photographer’s sensitive vision on a uniquely delicate, and rarely seen, subject.

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